About Us

Green So Sai Tee is a Proudly South African organic Skincare company that is committed to showcasing all that local  ; cannabis inspired  and hemp related products has to offer, by providing  quality products made from  the eco-friendly and versatile plant.

Green So Sai Tee was created out of a commitment to the process and artistic expression. As a   compassionate hemp enthusiast Green So Sai Tees creator believes that each product in the line reflects her ideals and lifestyle. Green So Sai Tee embodies the power of nature. Our skincare and introductory fashion line reflects and represents a higher state of consciousness.

All our raw materials are organically grown at a high Altitude in the Maluti and Drakensburg Mountains.

Green So Sai Tee clothing line is a design and retail fashion house supporting local markets the clothing line will target both adult males and females of all ages from diverse backgrounds; different social culture and belief. Green So Sai Tee ® symbolizes divinity in all human, self-presence and confidence. It’s easily noticeable when someone walks into the room wearing it and also has a social impact element.

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Cannabis Skin & Hair

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Cannabis Skin & Hair

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Hemp Apparel

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Cannabis Skin & Hair

Green So Sai Tees Logo is a reflection of the founders’ identity aiming to stimulate and encourage organic healing of mind, body and soul.

The Triangle is a classic symbol for ‘Air’ Air represents the breath of life: A flow of energy.

‘Green’: The color Green is a representation of balance, nature, and rebirth. ‘It is the color of the ‘Heart Chakra’.

The Heart Chakra: bridges the Gap between the physical and spiritual world.

The element for the Chakra: Air.
Organs Associated: Heart, Circulatory system, lung and Thymus.

‘Sai’: Meaning Saint, Master, Lord

Uniformly combined our Brand representing A higher state of consciousness